Parts-Based Therapy 

Heal your trauma and discover all that you can be with with parts-based therapy in Birmingham. Learn to love and understand all the unique parts of yourself and become the best you.

Accept all the Parts of Who You Are

Whole-Self Integration

All of us have parts of ourselves that we loose touch with over the course of life.  Each part is necessary, but when we do not recognize and understand our parts, then our thinking becomes rigid and inflexible.

Healing Deep Trauma

Parts based therapies teach you to reconnect with your body and deep emotional experience. Being able to recognize and regulate emotions help restores balance to your life.

Mindful Self Mastery

Parts based therapy is about more than talking and thinking. Parts based therapies use your bodily and somatic experience to let you directly experience how trauma are effecting your health, body, and mood.

Defragment Your Personality

Panic, dissociation, substance abuse, anxiety or depression might simply be protective parts of your personality that have developed as defenses and reactions to life. These patterns can become suborn and entrenched in our lives. Parts based therapies aren’t about control or forcing change. You can learn to listen to the deep wisdom in the mind and body.

Personalized Parts-Based Therapy in Birmingham

Develop a deeper awareness of the “parts” of you.  Become a more complete version of yourself by incorporating everything that makes you who you are.  End negative cycles in relationships, substance abuse and behavior.  Learn to fell ok just being yourself.  

All the Parts of Who You are are Unique and Special 

​Parts based therapies help you heal by teaching you to understand the different pieces or “parts” of your personality. Parts based therapies use your directed awareness, somatic mindfulness, and creativity to help you become aware of all. Parts based therapies can help you become more aware of who you are and more in touch with your emotion, goals and creativity. 

Become Who You Want to Be

Have you ever done something and wondered, why did I do that? Have you tried to heal trauma and change your behavior but just feel stuck? Parts based therapies might be a good fit for you if this is the case. Many of the symptoms that bring you in to therapy could be parts of yourself that you do not understand yet.

“At the center of your being you have the answer. You know who you are what you want.”

– Lao Tzu

“The univere is not outside you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are.”

– Rumi

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”

– Lao Tzu

Understanding Parts-Based Therapy

​Parts based therapies heal trauma by teaching you to understand the different pieces or “parts” of your personality.  Use directed awareness, somatic mindfulness, and latent creativity to become aware of what makes you special.  Get in touch with goals and emotions that can drive you forward in life.

Unlike cognitive and behavioral therapies alone, the parts-based approach helps you enhance understand the unconscious reactions trauma causes.  Instead of rejecting negative feelings, you can become more cognizant of them and learn why they are there.  Accepting our parts makes it easier to become less reactive and more proactive. Become the authentic you.


Trauma & PTSD


Addiction & Substance Abuse


Panic Disorders




Anxiety & Depression


Relationship Issues

Parts-Based Therapy FAQs

Part-Based Therapy - Image of a Parts-Based Therapy Session with Taproot Therapy Collective Therapist

How Does Parts-Based Therapy Work?

Parts-based therapies help you connect with the young, exiled, and wounded parts of yourself.  Understanding the things that bother us can help you control your behavior and reactions to others.  Your thinking can become less rigid and more flexible.  This also allows you to replace negative habits with more positive ones.

Why Choose Parts-Based Therapy?

The goal of parts based therapy is to understand and accept the repressed or unknown parts of ourselves. You can make the parts of your personality a mindful choice, instead of an unpleasant surprise. Parts based therapies get you back in touch with the unique voice that is you.

Where Does Parts Therapy Come From?

There are a variety of parts-based approaches, including internal family systems, voice dialogue, gestalt therapy, and ego state work.  Each originates from a different psychologist, but they all have one thing in common—they can help to offer perspective about the different pieces of you.

Where Does Parts-Based Therapy Fit?

 The parts-based approach blends organically with a holistic therapy plan.  Parts work therapy integrates easily with brainspotting, jungian therapy, somatic therapy and many other methods of healing trauma. 

It is hard to heal without understanding our parts. A parts based therapist can help you see how your beliefs, emotions, and reactions interact.  Then, you can begin to take the control back.

Why Taproot Parts-Based Therapy?

Taproot therapists use approaches rooted in the latest neuroscience and in techniques drawn from depth psychology. Taproot Therapy is Birmingham, Alabama’s premiere treatment center for PTSD. We offer personalized treatment based on your needs and goals. We lead with empathy and we consistency get great results for others like you. We’ll help you get to the root of your trauma.

“In an attempt to eradicate these rejected selves, we make them much stronger by driving them into the unconscious where they are free to operate beyond our control.”

– Hal Stone

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