Heal your trauma and PTSD fast with a brainspotting therapist in Birmingham.  Get to the root of your issues and heal the traumas contained within your “body brain.”

Find Where Your Trauma Is Stored

Body Brain Healing

Access your trauma in the deep brain and loosen it’s grip on your life.  Understand your physical and emotional responses to your life experiences.

Heal Trauma Fast

Brainspotting is able to help you release involuntary emotional and physical reactions to stress and trauma. It does not require time intensive analysis.

Deep Awareness

Brainspotting helps you realize negative patterns and unconscious reactions. It can help you feel more present and free to be yourself. 

Life-Changing Yet Unintrusive

Supported by the latest neuroscience, brainspotting helps you reshape how you interact with the world.  This revolutionary new form of therapy is able heal without long term talk therapy, behavioral retraining, or laborious analysis of our past.

Brainspotting Therapy in Birmingham

Because we have found brainspotting to be such an rapid and effective treatment for PTSD, all the clinicians at Taproot have undergone training to be able to conduct 

What happens in a Brainspotting Session?

In a Brainspotting session a therapist holds a pointer that and looks for an eye position that a person’s brain associates with a part of a traumatic event or a set of emotional and physical reactions. 


Brainspotting can help us recognizethe emotions “under” our lives and conscious experience.  Muscle tensions, uncomfortable emotion, younger parts of self, and stress responses can all be recognized and released.

“Your responses to the events of life are more important than the events themselves.”

– Virginia Satir

“People prefer the certainty of misery to the misery of uncertainty.”

– Virginia Satir

“Our biggest problem as human beings is not knowing what we don't know.”

– Virginia Satir

What You Need to Know About Brainspotting

Brainspotting is a therapeutic technique that activates the deepest part of our fight or flight and emotional center where trauma is stored in the brain.  In brainspotting sessions, your therapist guides your vision with a pointer and looks for eye positions that your brain associates with a traumatic event or a set of emotional and physical reactions.

Your experience during brainspottting can be intensely personal and hard to explain.  Most people experience a heightened awareness of their emotions and how their emotions affect their body.  This enhanced body brain connection has been shown to help you recognize and process your somatic trauma in healthier ways.


Anxiety & PTSD


Chronic Depression


Men's & Women's Issues


Anger Management


Childhood Trauma


Sexual Trauma


Chronic Pain & Illness




Addiction & Substance Abuse


Discrimination Trauma


Panic Attacks

Brainspotting FAQs

Brainspotting Therapy - Image of a Beautiful Blue Bowl with Paisley Style Flowers That Illustrates How Beautiful the Cognitive Plane Can Become via Brainspotting Treatment

How Does Brainspotting Work?

Brainspotting can have life changing effects, but the process itself is quite simple and unintrusive. Brainspotting does not require extensive recounting and analysis of traumatic events. In a brainspotting session a therapist holds a pointer that a client follows with their eye. Sometimes a client will listen to music during the process or wear certain glasses, but that is all the process entails.  

What Does Brainspotting Feel Like?

Your experience during brainspottting can be intensely personal and hard to explain. Most people experience a heightened awareness of their emotions and a heightened physical awareness of how their emotions effect their body.

Who Invented Brainspotting?

BSP was developed by Dr. David Grand and is born out of EMDR.  Through clinical work, he discovered that a eye position had the potential to unlock deeply held memories and emotion.  Today, multiple types of brainspotting have emerged through its ongoing use and innovation.

Where Does Brainspotting Fit into Treatment?

Brainspotting has become one the most common therapies at Taproot.  It doesn’t usually take many sessions.  Yet it can lead to some of your most profound results.  BSP has the tendency to be powerful and subtle at the same time.  It’s likely to continue growing in popularity.

Why Taproot Therapy Brainspotting?

Taproot Therapy is Birmingham, Alabama’s premiere treatment center for PTSD. We offer personalized treatment based on your needs and goals. We lead with empathy and consistency. We get great results for people just like you. We’ll help you get to the root of your trauma, not just cover it up or disguise it.

“Whatever the client was experiencing changed. Images and memories came more quickly. Emotions and body experience went deeper and moved on more rapidly and easily. Clients also got to observe the process while they were in it. The process was fascinating and still is.”

– Dr. David Grand

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