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About Our Therapy Collective

We are hiring! Would you like to join our collective?

  1. Somatic Trauma focused ALCs, LIMSWs, LICSWs, LMFTs. LPCs, and Psychologists
  2. Myofascial Release and ROFL Massage PTs
  3. Financial therapists, planners, counselors and debt consolidators
  4. Psychiatrists and CRNPs
  5. Yoga and alternative healing practitioners
  6. Somatic experiencing, brainspotting, Jungian, IFS, and depth psychology practitioners 
  7. therapy programing designers, group leaders, and 

 What is it like to work at Taproot Therapy Collective? 

We would love to hire. What if there was a way to see the future of the mental health industry? What if you could find out exactly the skills that you need to become a known quantity as a clinician? What if you could start your own business and be your own boss with minimal personal and financial risk?

Have you ever thought about going into private practice or becoming a therapist? Learning how to submit claims, get credentialed to take insurance, pass an audit, and set up EMR software is quite a lot to learn. Even worse, getting something wrong could jeopardize your license or risk breaking the law.

Even after you set up your practice, dealing with insurance claims and scheduling wastes your time and money. Being an independent practitioner makes it hard to market your brand and spend big money on search engine optimization and marketing that get you noticed. The costs of professional training, HIPAA phone services, EMRs, SEO, secure email and faxing, legal representation, rent, and advertising can add up quickly.

Working in a large practice gives you the benefit of administrative support, group consultation, legal and marketing resources. It’s nice to have help from experienced people when you face challenging legal and ethical dilemmas. However, these things come at the cost of autonomy and an often greatly reduced salary compared to private practice.

Going into private practice with Taproot Therapy Collective is a way to have the best of both worlds. As a larger practice we are able to bring down costs at scale and pool our resources. This lets us give you more opportunities than are available to individual providers. Taproot Therapy Collective is a modern and design oriented practice geared toward the millenial and gen-z experience. We also want to build a practice that has a strong brand as the leading edge of treatment for trauma and PTSD.

With older, more cognitive styles of therapy becoming less popular it can be hard to know what skills you need. Working in a hospital and institutional setting does not always help you acquire the skills to succeed in private practice. All Taproot Therapy clinicians are all trained in newer brain based medicine approaches like EMDR, Brainspotting and somatic therapy. Brain based medicine targets the subcortical, or “body brain”, where trauma is stored. This allows you to treat trauma faster and more effectively than talk therapy alone. We can help you learn the skills that you need to build your career in a changing landscape.

We want to build a practice that appeals to the next generation, but also a practice that Taproot is highly efficient and forward thinking. We want to build the future of mental health care today and can help you get the direction and training you need to stay relevant and informed in a changing industry. The industry is changing and the understanding of best practices for trauma is changing as well.

When you join Taproot Therapy you get access to a professional library that includes thousands of books and digital training content. We have administrative staff to help you troubleshoot claims and schedule patients. Our EMR allows for hassle free scheduling that saves you time. Patients can view your availability and book their own appointments. We have an established website that ranks highly in search engines to help patients find you.

Our web presence and marketing are modular so that we can help promote your specialities and brand of therapy to the community quickly. This allows you to market your own brand and any projects you can dream up. CE courses, clinical groups, and public speaking gigs are just a few of the projects we can help you market. We want to help you both discover the kind of clinician that you want to become and to grow your personal brand.

Being in a group practice means that you can target a more specific population of patients than you can in private practice. Everyone at Taproot Therapy specializes in different issues, approaches and types of patients. In a group practice like ours you can see only the patients that you are the most equipped to help and refer patients to therapists who are best for them.

Taproot Therapy Collective can help you get rolling with your own private practice right away. We market you and schedule patients ahead of time so you are ready to go on your first day. Instead of going without an income while you slowly build your client base, you can start on day one with patients ready to see you. We submit claims for you and teach you to be prepared for an audit. We help you protect yourself from legal and ethical issues. Here is just a short list of a few of the benefits that you can get as a part of Taproot Therapy Collective.

  • A stylish designer office
  • Legal, billing, insurance, payroll, and claims troubleshooting support
  • Professional library with thousands of books, audiobooks, trainings and CE’s
  • Website, social media, and newsletter exposure to market your brand
  • Help designing, marketing, and building a CE provider, speaking career, or therapy group
  • Rent, internet, alarm system, HIPAA secure email, HIPAA secure fax and phone, laser printer
  • Optional supervision and case consultation meetings

Total transparency and autonomy. All practice expenses and financials are available to you. You have help when you need it and are left alone when you don’t.

We don’t want Taproot Therapy Collective to be the biggest practice in Alabama; we want it to be the best. That is why we don’t allow just anybody to join. Taproot Therapy Clinicians are trained in more than just cognitive, institutional, and manualized therapies. We want you to be versed in both depth psychology and brain-based medicine to heal trauma patients and be prepared for the future of the psychotherapy profession. Instead of covering up symptoms we want to have a reputation of helping patients get to the root of their trauma. Taproot Therapy can help you discover the kind of clinician that you want to be and help get you the training that will help you make a positive impact in our community. It doesn’t matter how much you know. We select clinicians based on how much they are willing to learn. We can teach you.

Many clinicians in private practice have a waiting list that is months and months long. It can take years to establish a reputation like that. Taproot Therapy Collective chooses only a few clinicians to take into private practice so that we can use our brand as a way to help talented individuals start their career with the reputation they deserve. We don’t want you to be just a Taproot Therapy Clinician; we want your own unique brand to shine. Any project that you dream up we want to feature on our marketing and social media platform. Are you an expert on a topic? Want to sell CEs, host a training, or lead a group? It is hard to get those ideas in front of people without our robust marketing platform. We can help you make your career as big as you are willing to dream.

We don’t want to exploit you. We know that you didn’t become a therapist for the money, but money is still an important part of life. It is normal for a clinician working full time at taproot to make 5k- 8k per month. We want you to make more money with Taproot Therapy than you would in individual private practice. We know that our most valuable asset is you.

If you are not benefiting from participating in the collective or using its resources, then we are happy to part on good terms. We will still refer to you and consider you a valuable part of our professional network. Taproot Therapy Collective sets you up for private practice with us or separately. If you feel your practice is better off as an individual practice, you can take all we helped you build and run it yourself! We only want you at Taproot if it is helping you be the best you can be.

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