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How do I feel better?  How do I get help?

No one chooses to suffer from anxiety, panic, or depression. No one chooses to struggle with anger management, addiction, or relationship problems.

Unfortunately the solution to these problems is not always clear. We can work hard to feel different and still be discouraged with no improvement. It is easy to feel hopeless, trapped when those around you cannot understand how you feel. Your friends and family may even offer you advice that makes you feel more alone.

We do not think there is a formula for therapy or healing. We understand how lonely and hopeless not being able to find help can make you feel. We want to work with you to find your unique path to growth and healing.

Taproot Therapy Collective is a group of trauma focused therapists trained in many therapy styles. We believe in personalizing treatment for each patient and each issue. We specialize in helping patients harness their uniqueness and creative spark to overcome barriers for growth and healing.

We want you to feel better! We can’t wait to work with you.

If you are looking for a good therapist near you in the Birmingham area please give me a call!

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Taproot Therapy is a collective of therapists who share resources to create a more efficient way to offer services for self discovery, growth and healing in Birmingham. We offer the most cutting edge neuroscientifically backed treatment for PTSD, trauma and anxiety. Brainspotting, EMDR, somatic therapies for trauma and IFS, jungian therapy, meditation and mindfulness are just a few of our clinicians modalities.  We believe that therapy is about more than reducing symptoms. Taproot Therapy Collective does not use “one size fits all” therapy models. Instead we try to personally understand each patient and help reconnect them with the journey that their life calls them toward. We make no presumptions about who you are or where you are going. The clinicians at Taproot Therapy Collective only want to help you find yourself and to find the way to where your journey calls you.