Coaching & Executive Coaching

Caryn Corenblum

Caryn CorenblumCaryn’s Intuitive Edge consulting blends classic wellness techniques with cutting edge neuroscience to bring 21st century results in professional and personal consulting situations.As your coach, my job is to listen and to assist you in capturing your best thinking, intuition, and creativity so that you can maximize your personal and professional potential. I coach so that you can discover new insights, develop your passions, plan for the future, and learn to trust your “internal coach”.​

Mayer Harris

Mayer Harris is a coach who works with the Five Areas of Personal Peace [Awareness, Acceptance, Alignment, Identity, & Unity].  Regular exposure to these concepts will begin the development of new neural pathways in the brain. These sessions are designed to awaken new personal insights necessary for change.

I Grew Strong

I Grew Strong, is an online empowerment solution that helps women who have been in toxic and manipulative relationships, possibly with a narcissist, learn to change their negative thinking and unhealthy relationship patterns through education and coaching support. It is a great adjunct to therapy, created by two trauma therapists who are on a mission to reach and help more women find their inner power and grow strong.